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International Metal and Steel Trading Ltd - ‘IMT’ was founded at 1997 in Turkey by a group of dynamic professionals with diverse business backgrounds. The company focusses in raw materials, semi-finished and finished products of the iron and steel industry at large.

IMT specialises in the Turkish Steel market and is a reliable raw material supplier to various steel mills of repute in the region. To this effect, the company has good long term relations with various producers/suppliers of raw materials world wide through either long term contracts or through exclusive arrangements which makes its position strong as a reliable supplier. On the other hand, with such established relations with the Turkish steel mills as their preferred supplier and IMT with it’s global network stands preference and represents the Turkish steel mills for their exports of semi-finished and finished steel products to prospective markets through out the globe.

Today, IMT places itself as a business solution partner to the steel market through its complete offering of the product portfolio starting from ores, minerals, de-oxidants at the raw materials end to the semi-finished and finished steel products at the other end of the spectrum. With this diverse yet united product spectrum and with rich knowledge and expertise of the total logistics, IMT positions itself as a single stop solution provider for the steel industry in general and for imports into and exports from Turkey, in specific.